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Theft of Corporate Opportunity

MR. VETHAN: Hi, my name is Charles Vethan. Welcome to the VLF video education series. Today's topic is a theft of corporate opportunity. Cameron, when we talk about a theft of corporate opportunity, what does that mean? MR. WEIR: Well, Charles, it stems from a fiduciary duty that corporate officers, high level senior managers, directors, and high level sales staff owe to the company. These are trusted individuals and then they take something that is of value to the business. MR. VETHAN: And some of the things of value that they could take, these trusted individuals of the company, include contracts that the company has worked on, customers or clients, pending deals or even other employees were working on something critical to the business. In all of these situations, it is more than money that the company is after. The company is looking at surviving because these trusted people, formerly trusted people, have put the company in the crosshairs. If this happens, Cameron, what can a business and business owner do? MR. WEIR: Well, first and foremost, we've got to stop them. That means getting ln front of the Court with an injunction. You go to get a temporary restraining order to stop them in their tracks from taking this deal from the company. MR. VETHAN: And we've addressed these issues including trade secrets ln other videos but if you have more questions as to theft of corporate opportunity, give us a call. Because at the Vethan Law Firm, your problem is our business.