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Business Dissolution

Houston Business Dissolution Attorneys

Business dissolution is the legal process of closing a business, settling its debts, and distributing any remaining assets to the owners. This process is necessary when a business owner decides to cease operations or when partners decide to end their business relationship.


In Texas, most types of formal business entities need to be legally dissolved when ceasing operations or ending the business. These include corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and professional associations. Some types of informal business structures, such as sole proprietorship and general partnerships do not need to undergo a formal dissolution process. However, even these business should still take legal steps to close their business properly. 


At Vethan Law Firm, our accomplished business law team can guide you through the dissolution process to ensure you follow all relevant Texas laws and regulations regarding the dissolution of your business. 

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Key Steps in the Houston Business Dissolution Process

In Texas, the steps to dissolve a business may vary depending on the type of business entity (e.g., corporation, LLC, partnership).

However, some general steps that may need to be taken include:

  1. Vote to dissolve: The business owners or members must vote to dissolve the company according to the terms outlined in the company's operating agreement or bylaws.
  2. File a Certificate of Termination: Complete and file a Certificate of Termination with the Texas Secretary of State. This document officially dissolves the business and removes it from the state's records.
  3. Notify creditors: Inform all known creditors about the dissolution, providing them with a mailing address for submitting claims and a deadline for doing so.
  4. Settle debts: Pay off outstanding debts and obligations or make provisions to do so. If there are insufficient funds to pay all debts, prioritize them according to Texas law.
  5. Distribute remaining assets: Distribute any remaining assets to the owners or members, according to the ownership percentages outlined in the company's operating agreement or bylaws.
  6. File final tax returns: Submit final federal and state tax returns, indicating they are the final returns for the business.
  7. Close accounts: Close all business bank accounts, credit lines, and any other financial accounts associated with the business.

If you do not legally dissolve a Texas business, you may face ongoing tax liabilities, fees, and penalties. Additionally, the business owners could be held personally liable for any unpaid debts or legal issues that arise after ceasing operations.

Why Businesses May Need to Dissolve

Many events in the life of a business may require its dissolution. 

These can include financial difficulties, the retirement or death of an owner, disputes among owners, legal or regulatory issues, changes in market conditions, completion of a project or contract, merger or acquisition, or personal reasons, such as health issues, family matters, or a desire to change careers or pursue other interests. 

The decision to dissolve a company should be carefully considered and discussed with relevant stakeholders, including legal and financial advisors. 

At Vethan Law Firm, we can ensure that your dissolution process is done properly by:

  • Advising you on the specific requirements for dissolving your type of business entity
  • Assisting with drafting necessary documents, such as the Certificate of Termination
  • Ensuring all debts and obligations are settled according to Texas law
  • Guiding you through the distribution of remaining assets
  • Helping with filing final tax returns and closing accounts

By working with us, you can minimize potential legal and financial risks associated with dissolving your business. 

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