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Trade Secret Protection: A Sword in the Stone or a Mop in the Muck

Trade Secret Protection

If it becomes necessary to file suit and obtain an injunction to stop the misappropriation of your company’s trade secrets, you want to arm your attorney rather than merely looking to them to clean up a mess. What happens when one of your trusted employees with access to trade secrets goes to work for the competition largely depends upon what you do to protect your company’s trade secret information beforehand.

How to Protect Trade Secrets

The courts will only grant the extraordinary relief of imposing an injunction to stop others from using your trade secrets if they are actual secrets which your company has taken practical steps to safeguard from dissemination. You want your attorney to be able to argue and prove that each entrusted employee signs an agreement to maintain the confidentiality of those trade secrets and that your company keeps those trade secrets on a secure company data repository which is password protected with access granted only to authorized personnel. In fact, you might be able to avoid litigation all together by buying a company computer for your key employees to ensure that the company trade secrets are not comingled with your employees’ personal files and that you can with one click disable their access.

The pace of modern business requires most entrepreneurs to trust key members of their team with the secrets that give their company a competitive edge in the market. Avoid a mess down the road by properly protecting access to and use of those trade secrets by your team. For more information about trade secret protection contact the Vethan Law Firm today because Your Problem is Our Business. 

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