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Vethan Law Firm Wins Injunction against Matthew Knowles in Super Bowl LI Music Event

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On November 22, 2016, the 234th District Court of Harris County, Texas issued an injunction in favor of the Vethan Law Firm’s client, Fun Fest Entertainment, ordering Music World Properties, LLC and its owner Matthew Knowles not to prevent Fun Fest Entertainment from having full use of Music World Properties for a large pop culture and music event on the eve of Super Bowl LI. 

The suit alleged that after Fun Fest Entertainment and its partners chose this unique facility to host its event, and invested months of work in the logistics of producing this event and in brining A-list entertainers to Houston for this Super Bowl event, Music World Properties, LLC and Matthew Knowles rented this same property at the same time to a third party for another Super Bowl event.  But for this injunction, there would have been a devastating loss for Fun Fest Entertainment and its partners.

Knowles is the father of entertainer Beyoncé Knowles and was the promoter of Beyoncé Knowles and Destiny’s Child. Music World Properties is the iconic center of Matthew Knowles’ entertainment empire.

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