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Brexit and Its Impact on Trademarks


Joining the long list of businesses trying to capitalize on Britain’s exit from the European Union is The Boston Beer Company, better known as the makers of the Sam Adams brand of beer.

Earlier this summer, the brewer filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “BREXIT” in Class 033 for “hard cider.” There is no telling what plans The Boston Beer Co. has with its trademark, but certainly the name of a beverage called Brexit seems unpalatable. But there have been stranger names for food before. No word on whether they have any plans to expand their beverage line with “Bremain” or “Bregret.”


Furthermore, Britain’s exit has reignited the dream of Texas secessionists. An attorney in Houston, Texas has filed an application to register “Texit.” The trademark is supposed to cover the use of the term on hunting apparel, t-shirts, and hats. While the utility of a brewery owning “Brexit” might not be clear, there is definitely enough Texas pride in the Lone Star state to make a “Texit” trademark profitable.

If you have your own thoughts on how to utilize Brexit (or Texit), or you want to learn how to protect your ideas, contact the intellectual property attorneys at the Vethan Law Firm.

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