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VLF Schools Contractor Who Tries to Learn on the Job

VLF Schools Contractor

VLF is pleased to announce that it obtained an arbitration award against a general contractor who took on a $2 million custom high-tech home for breaching its contract and making false representations as to its ability to build the home according to the novel technical specifications required by VLF’s client, the owner of a tech company, who recently sold his business.  
After repeatedly inquiring of the contractor as to its ability to complete the project and receiving assurances that it could, VLF’s client entrusted the construction of a one-of-a-kind home to the custom builder.  The project dragged on more than one year past the expected due date, had several problems with the installation of unique components in the home, and the contractor quit after it decided that VLF’s client was being too demanding on his requirements. 

After a two-day arbitration before the American Arbitration Association’s Construction Law Panel, the arbitrator found in favor of VLF’s client, and awarded damages against the contractor for failing to adequately and competently complete the work on the custom home.

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