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3 Must-Haves When Starting a Business


When starting a business, there are a few things you want to have in place right away. Too many businesspeople make the mistake of putting off details that they don’t see as a high priority and often this comes back around to haunt them.

While we think it’s important for you to focus on generating revenue as soon as possible, we also feel it’s very important to protect that future revenue now. By handling these three tasks now, your business will be able to operate smoothly and worry-free.

1. Company Structure Formation

The first thing that every business needs to do is decide on the legal entity that they plan to use. Most companies use an LLC, but there are compelling reasons to use other entities, depending on your scenario.

In addition to filing your articles of organization, we can help you decide on what business entity is best for you.

2. Enforceable Contracts

Is your business using contracts that you made from free templates that you found online? We recommend having your contracts drafted by an attorney who has taken the time to understand the individual needs of your business and your specific circumstances.

The problems we see most often when people try to write their own contracts are that they either don’t provide enough detail to fully protect themselves, or they are written in a way that is too restrictive and not enforceable in court.

Depending on your business, you might need one or more of the following:

  • Employment contract
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Service agreement
  • Shareholder agreement

Most people won’t have a hard time forming an LLC, but not hiring an attorney to write your business contracts is a big risk.

3. Intellectual Property Protection

Do you have trade secrets you want to protect? Are you worried about other businesses copying your branding? We can help you get legal protection for your intellectual property and prevent others from making money off of your hard work and creative ideas.

We can help you protect:

  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Branding
  • Trade secrets

And much more. If it can be trademarked or copyrighted, we can help. Contact us today to find out if your intellectual property qualifies for legal protection.

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