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Traffic Ticket Law Firms Pulled Over and Pay a Forced Royalty to Use VLF Client's Software


Two law firms - one Houston, the other in Dallas that represent clients in speeding ticket matters were pulled over when VLF sued those firms for copyright infringement.  The two defendant law firms had contracted with VLF's client to write software that managed every aspect of the representation, from populating the software with information as to recent recipients of speeding tickets, scheduling court dates, and following up on each case.  When issues became strained between the law firms and VLF's clients, the two law firms unceremoniously terminated their maintenance agreement with our client, but still continued to use the software.

Although the defendant law firms argued various defensive theories, including implied license, they soon discovered that the primary article on implied license cited in the United States Code Annotated was authored by none other than Charles Vethan, the Managing Shareholder of VLF.  The lights came on, they pulled over, and reached a settlement, paying VLF's client for the license to use the software.

If your business utilizes specialized software, proprietary design specifications or other intellectual property in its business operations, we invite you to speak with VLF's Intellectual Property attorneys to protect your interest and investment.  We go after infringers.

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