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Vethan Law Firm successfully obtains second Summary Judgment in John Quinlan v. AFI Services, LLC.


In front of the Honorable Bankruptcy Judge Jeff Bohm, VLF successfully obtained a second partial summary judgment.

The Plaintiff, an attorney and sophisticated real estate investor, accused the Defendant of conversion and fraud. VLF disagreed and moved for partial summary judgment on both of those claims after being retained by the Chapter 7 Trustee and completing initial written discovery. After presenting the undisputed evidence and laying out the law, the Judge agreed with VLF over the protestations of the Plaintiff and commemorated his ruling with a nineteen page opinion (the third opinion in this matter).

VLF recognized and used Plaintiff’s license as an attorney against him for the second time. Having dismissed all of the Plaintiff’s claims, VLF will move the Court to realign parties and put the Defendant in the Plaintiff’s chair. The fight is not over yet as VLF suspects Plaintiff will appeal, but VLF remains confident and is fully prepared to protect the Judge’s ruling on appeal.

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