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Breach of Contract Reversal


On appeal to the Fourteenth Court of Appeals in Houston, The Vethan Law Firm, PC (VLF) successfully reversed a trial court judgment of more than $335,000 for breach of a contract against our client, a limited partner in a registered Texas Limited Partnership. The plaintiffs in the case, another limited partner and the limited partnership itself alleged that because our client terminated a personal guarantee on a $1 million construction loan to develop an apartment complex, which he did not believe had sufficient due diligence, he somehow violated contractual obligations to the limited partnership and the other limited partners. The Jury found that he breached the contract. VLF’s attorneys examined the evidence presented at trial and disagreed.

VLF undertook the appeal of the case and was successful in reversing the breach of contract claim and the attorney’s fees of over $170,000 assessed against our client at the trial court level. This case demonstrates that no matter how careful a business person may be, business deals and obligations must be carefully and precisely reduced to writing to avoid even the threat of litigation.

VLF is proud to have set the record straight for our clients.

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